A true rarity - first sprouted green tea leavesHigh Performance Revitalizing SkincarePowered by Korean Botanical Mystery

AMOREPACIFIC has its own green tea field of 35.6 million square feet on Jeju Island for cultivating, growing and delving into a wide array of green tea varieties. The first sprouted green tea leaves are the delicate shoots that emerge early in the morning during the 15 days prior to Grain Rain in April each year, which are the most vivid, aromatic and vital, with essence of antioxidants for remarkable skin revitalization effects.

AMOREPACIFIC refines these rare first sprouted green tea leaves and extracts the ingredients when the sprouts are most potent in tone, scent and vitality. The highly effective essence of the antioxidants is delivered efficiently to renew the cells of the skin and restore the skin to a state that is radiant, firm and smooth, fully showcasing high performance revitalizing skincare powered by Korean botanical mystery.
TIME RESPONSE Intensive Skin Renewal Ampoule
This highly effective ampoule is uniquely designed for a 4-week treatment course that can improve skin texture, regain radiance in 1 week and firmness in 4 weeks. With natural yet highly effective ingredients, the ampoule can also be applied to delicate skin around the eyes.
TIME RESPONSE Skin Reserve Creme
This anti-aging skin-transforming creme takes delicate care of the skin and activates the youth energy derived from Greentea of AMOREPACIFIC garden.
TIME RESPONSE Eye Reserve Creme
This anti-aging skin-transforming eye creme takes delicate care of the eye area, activating the youth energy derived from Greentea of AMOREPACIFIC garden.

Korea’s No.1 Skincare and Cosmetics Group with 70 Years of Unmatched Expertise in Skincare
AMOREPACIFIC, Korea’s No.1 skincare and cosmetics group, was founded by Mr. Suh Sung-whan back in 1945. With a history spanning over 70 years, AMOREPACIFIC is the state-of-the-art premium skincare and cosmetics group in South Korea. AMOREPACIFIC, a skincare brand carrying the same name, is the group’s most luxurious premium brand dedicated to infusing modern science and technology into precious Korean botanicals to achieve high performance revitalizing skincare.
Taken from Nature Proven by Science 
As the prime brand of the group, AMOREPACIFIC has pooled together topnotch scientific research teams from around the globe and successfully developed the Microfluidics Technology, a patented technology for delivering essence of the ingredients to the skin. The stem cells containing active antioxidants are taken out intact from the raw materials, decomposed into extremely minute particles and encapsulated, wholly preserving the skin revitalizing effects in full. The highly effective essence of the antioxidants is instantly delivered to the dermis, renewing the cells of the skin.

Available Period : 1st-30th April, 2017

To relish the tea harvest season, AMOREPACIFIC cordially invited our brand ambassador Cherie Chung and Vicky Lau, the head chef of one-Michelin-starred TATE Dining Room & Bar to create an exquisite 6-course menu –“Taste of the Precious”, presenting a fusion of our botanical spirit and culinary arts.


After graduating from New York University, chef Lau initially embarked on a career in advertising as a graphic designer. This education taught her how subtle visual cues can be used to provoke and audience’s response, a skill she would later employ in her cooking.

Sparked by her passion for culinary arts, chef Lau enrolled in classes at the prestigious Le Cordon Ble u in Bangkok. Having changed career path, chef lau honed her skills at the Michelin-starred Cépage in Hong Kong under the Tutelage of chef Sebastien Lepinoy.

Starting over 70 years ago,
AMOREPACIFIC’s quest for beauty continues today
with the “Precious Moment” tour to Jeju Island
starring Cherie Chung, to explore the invaluable natural beauty there.

During the early springtime in April,
within a period of 15 days before Grain Rain,
the precious and treasured first
emerge in early mornings in AMOREPACIFIC’s Jeju green tea field.

When arriving in this pure and peaceful place,
Cherie was blessed with the opportunity to witness the moment
when master craftsmen were hand-picking the fresh leaves.
With patience and dedication, she froze the fleeting moment
into videos and photos to preserve the precious moment of natural beauty.

The newly sprouted green tea leaves bring great vitality to the tea garden stretching into the horizon. Wandering in the Dolsongi Tea Garden, the oldest organic green tea garden owned by AMOREPACIFIC, Cherie can appreciate the senses of its vitality which dates back to 34 years ago.
It was drizzling when Cherie arrived at the Seogwang Tea Garden early in the morning, but in a blink of an eye, the sky brightened. Under the sunshine, Cherie strolled along the tea garden and framed this sea of limpid green. She chatted with the master craftsmen of AMOREPACIFIC on how to hand-pick the precious first sprouted green tea leaves. Cherie tried her hands with excitement and returned with a good harvest.
Capturing this once-in-a-lifetime moment...
indeed the most “Precious Moment” of this excursion
Walking along a path in the Seogwang Tea Garden, Cherie caught sight of a small mushroom-shaped tree in striking red, which lightened her up just like the clear weather that followed the drizzle. Cherie jokingly called the tree a “cherry lady” (her nickname in Chinese), and eagerly posed for a photo with “her”.
Nicknamed “Samdado (“three many”) Island”, Jeju is abundant in wind, stones and women. Stone piles can be found everywhere and islanders have a tradition of using stone piles as a symbol of wish-making. Just pile the stones as tall as possible, and make a sincere wish. The taller and the firmer the pile, the more likely the wish can come true.
As an enthusiastic wanderer, Cherie enjoys taking a look at the local markets for novelties every time she goes to a new place. During this trip, she visited many characteristic stalls and interacted with the local people, observing their way of life. Along the way, Cherie used her camera to record these humane and distinctively Korean encounters.
Cherie also paid a visit to the Genius Loci in Sopjikogi, designed by the famous Japanese architect Tadao Ando, who drew inspiration from Jeju’s local environment and used natural elements including wind, light, water and stone. After moments of private reflection, Cherie lensed the bits and pieces of her experience during the journey into memorable stills.

Cherie’s beauty hasn’t faded with time. Instead, it has enriched her wisdom, like a great wine that becomes more mellow and pleasing with age. Time, likewise, has bestowed beauty and wisdom on AMOREPACIFIC. Founded by Mr. Suh Sung-whan back in 1945, more than seven decades from now, AMOREPACIFIC has evolved into the No.1 state-of-the-art skincare and cosmetics group in South Korea.
Osan Beauty Campus
When in Seoul, Cherie also paid a visit to the AMOREPACIFIC Osan Beauty Campus and began her exploration with Story Garden. A winner of the 21st Annual Thea Awards in 2014, the camellia-themed Story Garden marks the beginning of the story about AMOREPACIFIC’s journey of beauty. Immersed in its special design experience, she not only gained a deeper understanding of the brand from various exhibited works and media displays, but also an appreciation of AMOREPACIFIC’s mission of beauty: Asian Beauty Creator.